Can you help us pick up the keys for the new van?

We need your help as we continue to grow our guest services

Turning away women from services is one of the hardest things for us at Sister José’s. When we are forced to say “no” too many times, we get creative and come up with a new plan.

Please join us this November for Giving Tuesday as we raise funds to purchase our first-ever van. The van will be used to drive guests to appointments, assist guests with moving into sustainable housing, and to pick up donations of fresh food, pet supplies, and hygiene kits.

A sustaining fund (recurring giving option) has been created for those who would like to give towards ongoing costs such as gas, insurance, and maintenance.

Big news! We are very proud to announce an anonymous donor has given us a match of $7,250 towards the purchase of the van. (If we exceed our goal, your gift will be used to buy food, pay for needed repairs, etc.)

Thank you for all of your love and support!